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CT Pellet will be closed on Wednesday, November 23 and Thursday, November 24 for the Thanksgiving holiday. We will re-open on Friday, November 25th.

CT Pellet is the area's leader in wood pellets in Connecticut and other alternative energy sales. Our warehouse is always stocked to ensure delivery when you need it. If you need help deciding which wood pellets would be best for you, call us at 860 482 4391 and one of our knowledgeable staff will help you make the right choice.

Customers opting to take advantage of our "Buy Now-Take Later" program enjoy the benefit of buying their fuel early in the season at the Summer price and having us store their pellets or Envi-Blocks for them right here at our warehouse.

Customers have the option of setting up a summer or fall delivery date, or they can leave their fuel in the warehouse and come pick up one ton at a time throughout the winter. Not every brand that we sell is eligible for this program so look for those products that are specially marked with the graphic you see above.

Blaschak Anthracite Coal Product Information

Please note that although CTPellet sells Blaschak Anthracite Coal by the ton, for optimal transportation purposes, it is shipped in 1.2 ton bags.

Logik-e Hardwood & Softwood Pellets Product Information

Please note that for optimal transportation purposes, Logik-e Hardwood and Softwood Pellets are shipped in 55 bags per pallet as opposed to standard 50 bags.

Customer Reviews: Lauzon Northen Max Wood Pellets

CubeX is Top Notch!!

5.0 out of 52023-11-28

In my opinion, it is simply the best pellet on the market for the price point. LOVE the Kiln Dried Oak. Pretty neat they have specific branded bags for retail. The NORTHERN MAX CubeX pellet has made me happy I have a pellet stove!

Sakura F.

NORTHERN MAX is the new Turman.

5.0 out of 52023-11-23

After strictly burning Turman for years and not seeing it on the website this year, Juan told me to try a ton of Northern MAX. I’m under the impression that the Cubex manufacturer is huge, as they produce 3 or 4 different branded bags of the same pellet for retail. I got the Cubex pellet in a bag named Northern Max. I was hesitant to try something new as my stove really loved the Turman. I burned a skid of Northern Max and BOY OH BOY, these pellets held their weight! I have the same hot heat output as I did with Turman and little to no ash at all. This pellet is as great as Turman, and I will definitely be buying more of Northern Max this season and seasons to come!!

John Henry T.

Great Premium Plus HARDWOOD!!

5.0 out of 52023-11-12

I was searching for a new kiln dried hardwood pellet after Turman had gone downhill in quality over the past few seasons. I did some research and saw online, and noted, CubeX is also a Hardwood Flooring Scrap Manufacturer. I have heard of CubeX in Lauzon Canada before, but never got around to trying them…. BOY I AM GLAD I DID!! They burn Super-Hot and Tremendously Clean. I honestly feel they are as good as, or if not better than Turman that I was burning prior. I am SUPER IMPRESSED with the quality of this pellet. I had been burning Turman for about 8 seasons, the past 3 seasons have not been as desired as in the beginning when they were first introduced to me. CubeX is a GREAT pellet that fits in with the other Kiln Dried Flooring Scrap Hardwoods. The price was also comparable to the Premium Brands I have burned in the past.

Cody C.

The Best Hardwood Pellets in CT!

5.0 out of 52023-10-11

I called and spoke to Craig in the office, I was seeking High Heat, Low Ash, Super Premium Hardwood. He explained in depth about how to go about choosing a Top Tier Hardwood Pellet. After discussion I decided to purchase a Multi Pallet order of the Northern Max, and I am more than thrilled that I did!! There is legit NO ASH after burning multiple bags! Amazing Price Too!

Olivia R.

These High-Quality Wood Pellets Have Transformed My Home Heating!

5 out of 52023-09-28

Exceptional Wood Pellets: The Heart of My Cozy Home!

5 out of 52023-8-10

Highly Recommend These Clean-Burning, Hot Wood Pellets!

5 out of 52023-5-11

Clean-Burning, High-Performance Wood Pellets.. I Highly Recommend!

5 out of 52023-5-11

These Pellets are a warm, efficient and clean burning!

5 out of 52023-5-11

Great product!

5 out of 52023-4-18

Great wood pellets! Burns very clean with lots of heat and low maintenance!

5.0 out of 52023-02-21

Typically go with Barefoot, but gave these a try and couldn't tell much of a difference. I would recommend both brands.

5.0 out of 52023-02-03

One of my top 5 pellets so far. Burns great with low to slightly moderate ash production. Give them a try.

5.0 out of 52023-01-15

Was looking for wood pellets that burn efficiently but don't produce a lot of ash. These pellets do the job and I find I am cleaning my stove less frequently.

5 out of 52022-12-02

Very happy with these pellets!

5 out of 52022-11-18
Customer Reviews: N W Supreme Douglas Fir Wood Pellets

The Pinnacle of Pellets

5.0 out of 52023-10-10

I do not think I have ever burned anything as Supreme as these Supreme Douglas Fir Pellets. When I was told there would be NO ASH…. they truly meant NO ASH! Northern Warmth Supreme Douglas Fir Pellets absolutely are the top pellet out there. 100% worth the price of the ton for the Quality Control you receive. These will be my Go-To brand for years to come.

Riley M.


5.0 out of 52023-09-29

Never burned something as efficient and clean in my life. Bought a few bags last season to try after Turman Pellets went downhill in quality control and became an ashy mess. These pellets should have been burning in my P38 Insert all along! IT IS UNBELIEVABLE how there is NO ASH AT ALL. Bag after Bag, I can keep burning for over a week and the stove looks like it hasn’t been touched. Such a nice flame too! Well worth the money for the product you get. These deserve more than a 5 Star Rating!

Mikaela M.

Best pellets on the market!

5.0 out of 52022-11-02
Customer Reviews:N W Douglas Fir Wood Pellets

My new favorite pellets. Burns very clean with lots of heat!

5 out of 52021-11-02

Recommened to me by my uncle and I love them!

5 out of 52021-11-15

One of the cleanest burning pellets I have purchased.

4 out of 52021-11-02

Highly recommend!

5.0 out of 52021-11-02
Customer Reviews: N W Super Spruce Wood Pellets

I found my Softwood!

5.0 out of 52023-11-22

I was seeking a premium softwood grade pellet with High BTU. Craig and Juan explained the differences and types of softwood to me in the office and I landed on the Super Spruce Blue Bags. My husband and I are so happy with the outcome. Super-Hot, Super Clean and hardly any ash at all after burning multiple bags during cold nights. Truly a 5 Star Pellet!

Justin H.

As Good As Gold!

5.0 out of 52023-10-31

I first started burning Super Spruce about 6 years ago. Amazing, hot, clean burning pellet. I was thrilled to see them in stock again this year after burning LaCrete last season. These Spruce bags have ZERO finds! No dust, just Warmth! There is no pellet out there that can compare.

Jaykob A.

Really nice wood pellets. So far so good!

5.0 out of 52022-11-02

Very clean burning pellets

5.0 out of 52021-11-02
Customer Reviews: Barefoot Wood Pellets

Inconsistent Quality

2.0 out of 52021-12-28

Disappointing pellet. Iffy Quality Control. These pellets were not bound tight. Several pellets in every bag broke open leaving much sawdust in every bag of the 2 tons purchased. I don't know if this is a problem always. The highest quality, cleanest burning pellets I burn are sold by CT Pellet -- Vermont Wood Pellet LLC softwood.

Lyam S.

Pellet Virgin

5.0 out of 52021-11-03

I was a pellet virgin until last year. Now I have 2 pellet stoves. No more chopping wood. These pellets are great, burn hot and have very little ash. I maybe clean out the stoves 1-2 weeks. Great product.

Justin N.

We will certainly not be burning anything else in future!

5.0 out of 52021-03-12

After years of burning what we thought were good pellets, a friend and neighbor recommended the Barefoot Wood Pellets to us. With high expectations, we were not disappointed! Cozy warmth though-out, and my husband loves the lower ash content. We will certainly not be burning anything else in future!

Bonnie D.

5.0 out of 52021-03-02

Good pellets but not great.

Libby H.

The boss of all pellets!

5.0 out of 52021-03-01

Abraham Q.

5.0 out of 52021-02-27


4.0 out of 52021-02-26

Very good pellets but the price only warrants 4 stars.

Jeremiah W.

The warmth these pellets produce have reduced our high energy bills!

5.0 out of 52021-02-21

This was my first season burning wood pellets and not knowing what to burn, but after much research, decided on the Barefoot wood pellets. We are so glad we did. The warmth these pellets produce have reduced our high energy bills!

William L.

5.0 out of 52021-01-30

Andrew M.

5.0 out of 52021-01-05

Darren V.

They always burn consistently in our stove.

5.0 out of 52020-12-23

We have burned the Barefoot pellets for years! So glad for the heat and lower ash.

Garrett B.

2.0 out of 52020-12-22


These pellets are nice, but nothing special

3.0 out of 52020-12-20

Lowest ash pellet I have ever tried, hands down!

5.0 out of 52020-12-20

Dianne D.

4.0 out of 52020-12-10

I love Barefoots but I can’t burn them in the spring they are too darn hot.

4.0 out of 52020-12-06


I will never burn another brand!

5.0 out of 52020-11-26

What warmth these pellets produce!

Karen E.

We are hooked on Barefoot

5.0 out of 52020-10-30

We went from a feed rate of 6 to a 3 when we began burning Barefoot Pellets. Our home has never been so warm and the need to clean our stove has been reduced from every other day to every other week!

Marco C.

1.0 out of 52021-10-28

Save your money and don't buy these. They are too expensive and complete garbage.

Tim M.

5.0 out of 52020-06-12

Hearing the great things about Barefoot Wood Pellets prompted us to buy a few bags this fall. To say anything else about Barefoot, we quickly ordered our Winter supply of 3 skids and love these pellets!

With the high BTU’s who would try anything other than Barefoot!

5.0 out of 52020-03-11

Joseph C.

5.0 out of 52020-01-08

I have been burning the Barefoot Wood Pellets for over 10 years! Always consistent and worth the money!

Carlos R.

5.0 out of 52020-11-20

Mona P.

5.0 out of 52020-11-18

Barry E.

Very clean burn!

5.0 out of 52020-09-10


5.0 out of 52020-06-30

Joe B.

5.0 out of 52020-03-06

Barry O.

Quality Wood Pellets at a Great Price!

5.0 out of 52020-02-10

I have been using Barefoot Wood Pellets for a several years now. Delivery arrives on time and the people are quite considerate and helpful.

John T.

5.0 out of 52020-02-04

Mitchell P.

5.0 out of 52020-01-30

Hal H.

5.0 out of 52020-01-22


5.0 out of 52019-11-30

Oscar B.

5.0 out of 52019-08-09

We have tried many pellets but finally have found one that burns so warm and clean. The Barefoot Wood Pellets have been our go to pellet for 3 heating seasons now.

Terry S.

5.0 out of 52019-06-22

Adam P.

Best Wood Pellets I burned so far!

5.0 out of 52019-6-14

Joe C.

5.0 out of 52019-06-08

Jimmy Y.

The high heat is better than we could have asked for too!

5.0 out of 52019-2-20

We wanted to do our part to leave less of a footprint to our environment, we purchased a pellet stove and were so glad to learn the company that manufacturers Barefoot Wood Pellets are themselves recyclers. We have been hooked ever sense!

Emily C.

5.0 out of 52018-01-22

Grant P.

Customer Reviews: Logik-e Softwood Pellets

Our Second Year With Logik-e Softwood Pellets and Would Definitely Recommend Them.

5.0 out of 52022-11-22

Albies W.

Not the Best Wood Pellets but Really Good at a Good Price

4.7 out of 52021-11-10

Riley G.

One Of Our Favorite Wood Pellets. Great Heat and Low Maintenance

5.0 out of 52021-10-15

Bruce F.

They Keep Our Enlcosed Porch Warm All Winter.

4.0 out of 52021-10-11

Craig A.

If You Are Looking For Affordable Wood Pellets That Burn Clean Get These

4.0 out of 52021-10-10

Alexander C.

Customer Reviews: Logik-e Hardwood Pellets


4.0 out of 52023-09-29

As a Language Major I was excited to burn these pellets when I saw LOGIK-E Pellets as a French-Canadian brand. The name is so fun to pronounce. For the price I paid per ton, these pellets are perfect. I would typically burn bags from the local chain stores, but for only $40/$50 per ton, I will not be burning the low grade, cheap pellets any longer. Logike has the perfect amount of heat and has minimal ash for easy clean up.

Julie K.


4.0 out of 52023-08-01

After a horrible season last year burning Home Depot and Tractor Supply bags, I was depressed about all the hype on pellet stoves as a first-year pellet stove owner. This year, I took advantage of the Summer Sale and PAID LESS for a better product than I did in the winter season last year! Logike pellets are much cleaner and better burning. So happy to have found a brand of pellets I am comfortable burning.

Abu Abdullah O.

Great Wood Pellets Compared to Others

5.0 out of 52021-12-28

Henderson S.

These Pellets Provide Decent Warmth in a Large Room

4.0 out of 52021-12-11

Kurber P.

Pretty Good but Not the Cleanest Burning Wood Pellets

4.0 out of 52021-12-11

Ludwick M.

Customer Reviews: La Crete Wood Pellets


5.0 out of 52024-02-01

The Lightest and Fluffiest ash I have ever got from a pellet is the LaCrete! Hardly any clean up. Clean, Clean, Clean. This will be my choice of pellet in the future.

Paul K.


5.0 out of 52024-01-29

Glad to see it back in stock! I been missing LaCrete! It’s a Great Pellet! Hot, Clean, Little Ash and they come stacked higher with 60 Bags on a skid. No other brand does this. Not sure why, but LaCrete has it figured out! Perfect for people who don’t want extra bags laying around all summer because they bought an extra ton.

Tucker A.

LaCrete is one of the Best Softwoods in the market!

5.0 out of 52023-11-20

I was always trying to find the best pellet for my stove. I have always burned softwood pellets and wanted to continue to do so. LaCrete was recommended by the staff at CT Pellet and not only was I blown away with the cleanliness of the pellet, but it was also hot too! The extra 10 bags per skid is a LIFE SAVER!! I basically am getting close to 4 Tons on 3 Pallets! Great for my TINY space in my garage! This is my new FAVORITE PELLET!

Steph T.

Poor Quality or Quality Control

3.0 out of 52021-12-28

Purchased these one year and will never buy them again. They burned dirty, and every bag had at least one cut of sawdust at the bottom of every bag.

Lyam S.

5.0 out of 52021-03-01

Priscilla K.

Amazing heat- Super Low ashes!

5.0 out of 52021-02-15

Love these and you will too.

Raul F.

5.0 out of 52021-02-12

Jackson S.

A bit more dust in the bag but I will give this pellet a solid 4 star!

4.0 out of 52021-02-04

La Crete is made of Softwoods, but we could not tell the difference having burned hardwoods as well. The pellet burns hot, and the ash is light as well.

Jonathon B.

Awesome Pellets!

5.0 out of 52020-02-17

Carrie D.

Not bad but definitely not the worst

4.0 out of 52020-11-23

I like these much better than the big box pellets, but they are also a lot more money.

Jake S.

5.0 out of 52020-10-29

Blake H.

Decent pellet for the money

5.0 out of 52020-08-06

I have had these for three years now and I will continue to use them if they stay affordable.

Wilson L.

4.0 out of 52020-06-15

Camilla J.

5.0 out of 52020-03-29

We like the fact that the skid comes with 60 bags instead of the normal 50 bags 1-ton. We just never have enough to end the season but by ordering 3 skids it gets us through the cooler days in April and keeps our 1400 Sq foot home warm throughout with the help of fans. The soot is fluffy and does cover our glass with soot, but this is easy enough to clean.

Wanda T.

5.0 out of 52020-02-26

Brent W.

Our new stove requires we use softwood pellets

5.0 out of 52020-01-19

Not knowing which was better we tried 2 different softwoods this last heating season. La Crete and the Okanagan. We are going to try other softwood pellets next but for now we recommend La Crete as it burns hotter for some reason. The Okanagan was just ok.

Erin & Christopher S.

Love Them!!

5.0 out of 52020-01-12

Peggy T.

4.0 out of 52019-10-19

Warmness we look for so spot on for heat but the bags are a mess so I can only give this pellet 4 stars and only because we are warm.


Customer Reviews: Granules, LG Wood Pellets

Great pellets, very low dust

5.0 out of 52021-11-17

I have burned many different pellets in the past and so far these are my favorite. They are low dust and create low levels of ash. I have not had any problems with clinkers in the burn pot.

Jason K.

Not quite as warm as I was hoping

3.5 out of 52021-03-26

These were clean for me this past winter but they didn't feel like they gave off as much heat.

Christopher C.

This is a no brainer review

5.0 out of 52021-03-02

I like the Granule LGs. The heat is oh so nice and the lower ash is a welcome relief!

Elizabeth & Rocky B.

Good heat but a Little ashy.

4.0 out of 52021-02-24

Didn’t believe all the hoopla we were hearing over these pellets but have to say that the Granules LG are just great!

David A.

4.6 out of 52021-02-24

First time using these pellets. My favorite so far.

Ben M.

Clean burning and wonderful heat!

5.0 out of 52021-02-01

We have always burned softwood pellets and love them. Having tried very expensive softwoods the Granule LG’s were affordable and rated higher that a few we had burned in previous years. I am definitely sticking with the Granules! My reason is simple. Clean burning and wonderful heat!

Elliott R.

5.0 out of 52021-01-30

Brianna T.

My Go To Pellets!

5.0 out of 52021-01-24

Taylor D.

4.5 out of 52021-01-22

Taylor I.

If you already burn softwood pellets these are the way to go!

5.0 out of 52021-01-11

Grace O.

They are best!

5.0 out of 52021-01-04

We were turned on after learning the Granule LG pellets have not additives and for alternative fuels a must for us.

Margo S.

5.0 out of 52020-01-12

Growing up in new england i always thought i needed hardwood pellets. These things are amazing!

Kyle B.

I've Tried a Bunch of Wood Pellets and These Seem To Be the Best

5.0 out of 52020-12-30

Freeman H.

Great Wood Pellets

5.0 out of 52020-12-18

Gomez T.

Tried them this year - love them!

5.0 out of 52020-12-09

Candice B.

Outstanding heat!

5.0 out of 52020-12-02

A new pellet for us to try were the granules. We chose because of the price but in the end, we have to admit this is one of the nicer softwood pellets we have tried and will certainly order again.

Cynthia G.

LOVE THEM! A 5 Rating for sure!

5.0 out of 52020-11-30

Paul B.

This is a total package pellet!

5.0 out of 52020-11-11

We are glad to see the Granule LGs are stepping up in the reviews. Clean, heat and priced well. The dust in the bag started out as a bit of a bummer, but not all the bags were as dusty and quite manageable.

Lily and Ryan F.

Customer Reviews: Country Boy Oak Wood Pellets

Our House Wins with Warmth!

5.0 out of 52023-11-11

Moving to CT from Las Vegas really made us realize what cold truly is! We were told to try Kiln Dried Oak because of the quality of burn from the wood flooring scraps. These pellets are HOT!! Very clean and hardly any ash at all. We have a Harman insert stove and couldn’t be more blessed. I feel like we just hit another Jackpot!

Vic & Joan K.

For Hardwood, an Excellent Pellet

3.8 out of 52021-12-28

I've learned from trying various pellets over the years. These are superb hardwood pellets. I was mistaken in believing hardwood pellets would burn hot and clean. These burned relatively clean and hot, but not nearly as hot and clean as a softwood brand that CT Pellet has never sold -- Vermont Wood Pellet LLC. I love the CT Pellet company, and I hope the owner will consider adding this brand to the stock in upcoming years.

Lyam S.

It Is An Amazing Pellet!!

5.0 out of 52021-02-22

Once we tried Country Boy White Lightening, nothing will take this pellets place in our house. Country Boy White Lightening is a smaller 100% oak pellet that doesn’t jam in our stove as other longer pellets have. The real silver lining is that this pellet burns beautifully hot and has a much lower ash content then we could have imagined.

Tammy W.

GOOD PELLETS. I will use them again.

5.0 out of 52021-02-01

Norman K.

5.0 out of 52021-02-14

Andre K.

5.0 out of 52021-01-07

Marissa L.

Without a doubt Country Boys are the best pellet we have used!

5.0 out of 52020-12-17

Harry A.

3.5 out of 52020-10-27

This might be the best pellet that I ever used but the bags were not sealed right and every bag i carried had to be cradled like a baby. Lucky i gave it 3 stars.

Hank W.

No more big box store pellets for us!

5.0 out of 52020-10-02

With so many pellet choices today buying these stood out to us because it is 100% Kiln dried oak. This pellet has everything you could want. High heat, low ash and packaged well.

Eugene and Emily D.


5.0 out of 52020-09-10

Thank you! Top Notch quality and plenty of warmth.

Tom E.

All heat, no ash.

5.0 out of 52020-06-13

I never give 5 stars for reviews. Good product.

Guiseppe Z.

Well worth the bit of extra money we pay!

5.0 out of 52020-02-06

We rarely leave feedback, but this pellet changed our thinking about the pellet industry entirely. We no longer struggle to clean our stove as this low ash pellet made our lives easier by reducing our cleaning time. Almost 2 weeks in between cleaning is awesome. They most definitely keep us warm, and this Super Premium Grade Pellet is well worth the bit of extra money we pay.

Carla & Byron N.

Absolutely love this pellet!

5.0 out of 52020-01-20

Theresa H.

4.5 out of 52020-11-03

Marco F.

5.0 out of 52020-08-28


4.0 out of 52020-04-09

Walt K.

Very good pellets but there are better values out there

4.0 out of 52019-12-24

I didn't notice much difference with these verses other pellets I tried. Good, but very expensive.


5.0 out of 52020-12-16



5.0 out of 52019-10-03

This may be a cliché but without a doubt the best pellets we have used.

Frank V.

3.0 out of 52019-09-13

Isabelle C.

We can’t say enough good things about this pellet!

5.0 out of 52019-03-10

Seeing the southern man on the bag made me chuckle so I could not help but buy. My impulse buying decision was the best one made! These pellets are all that they should be and more. The 100% oak pellets produce such heat, and the low ash is just another benefit enjoyed! Thank you!

Gina O.

5.0 out of 52019-02-25

Scott N.

Get them, you will thank me!

4.0 out of 52019-02-01

Country Boy White Lightening is a true winner in our home. We have been buying these pellets for 4 years and they are so consistent, year after year. The heat output is incredible! I have to take one star away because they are so expensive.

Marilyn & Larry C.

5.0 out of 52019-01-17

Gary Z.

Simply the best!

5.0 out of 52019-01-13

Country Boy White Lightening has outperformed many pellets we had used in past years. We most certainly have a winner here and will continue to purchase the Country Boy!

Kenneth B.

I will go back to Barefoot next time

4.0 out of 52019-01-02

I was talked into buying these pellets from your salesman and they are nothing special.

Evan J.

These smaller sized pellets work perfectly in our fussy stove!

5.0 out of 52019-01-01

The heat and low ash content are always consistent, year after year making us happy consumers!

Lloyd E.

Customer Reviews: Blackstone Wood Pellets


4.0 out of 52023-10-01

I was blown away at the cost of the Blackstone Pellets! Compared to the pricing of the cheap, dirty, low quality box store brand pellets, Blackstone is far above the big chain stores, at the SAME LOW PRICE!! I am honestly thrilled to be able to shop locally and get better service and quality. I will be buying these for a LONG TIME at this competitive pricing.

Kameron Z.


4.0 out of 52023-09-11

I was seeking Best Quality on a budget this year after a few unfortunate events. For the price of this product compared to the big chain brands…. This pellet is better than expected. By no means is it as great as the other brands I have burned in the past such as Northern Max Cubex and Douglas Fir, but I am plenty warm with these pellets. Upkeep is a little more frequent, but for the cost of this ton, it is a steal! Thank You Connecticut Pellet for having affordable fuel when I needed it the most.

Taylor H.

Ashiest, Dirtiest Pellets on the Market

1.0 out of 52021-03-28

Burning these pellets creates ash and soot in abundance. They're low priced for not-good reasons:
1. They're crappy
2. They don't burn as hot as top-rated softwood pellets. which burn far cleaner, (Turman hardwood burns almost as clean but not quite as hot.)
3. People who love to clean their pellet stoves often are the only people who buy this crap.

The manufacturer knows the pellets perform the worst on the market. Some people buy them yearly, so the company has no incentive to do a better manufacturing job.

Lyam S.

Never again

1.5 out of 52021-03-28

There as so much sawdust in these bags I had to sift the pellets before I could put them in my stove.

Donna A.

It’s all I ever burn. Decent pellets for the money.

5.0 out of 52021-03-07

Alan H.

Compared to box store pellets we’ve bought, Blackstone is certainly a step up!

4.0 out of 52021-01-22

Every year we order the Blackstone while on sale and have to say that the savings we enjoy by buying the Blackstone is tremendous and with Electric Heat we mean TREMENDOUS savings. No, it isn’t one of the high-end or top-rated pellets, for sure, but the heat is nice. The ash causes us to have to clean our stove a lot; not so nice but doable!

Charlie D.

5.0 out of 52021-01-19

Zach Y.

You're Better Off Buying Turman Wood Pellets!

3.0 out of 52020-12-20

We were gifted 2 tons of Blackstone from our parents and for their generosity we cannot thank them enough. We usually buy the Turman and compared to those, these are not bad. If you recognize us, please don’t tell them we gave them a 5!

Alexander V.

Way too much ash! Very Messy!

5.0 out of 52020-12-08

Mark M.

Not so good

3.0 out of 52020-10-18

I have burned great pellets, good pellets and then the other ones. Blackstone falls on the latter.

Samantha F.

Good heat but lots of ash makes it hard to keep our stove clean

3.0 out of 52020-08-30

I’ve read a review or 2 on the Blackstone Hardwood Pellet but the need to cut costs prompted us to order and have delivered 4 tons of Blackstone for our winter season. The heat is good, actually better than I thought. The time spent to clean our stove is valuable though so I don’t know if we will purchase Blackstone again. Really need to out-weigh the good over the bad. The jury is still out on that.

Jason B.


4.0 out of 52020-06-15

Other thoughts too dusty and ashy but we will buy again.

Amanda and Frank E.

4.0 out of 52020-04-22

Tom C.

4.0 out of 52020-04-07

Bobby L.

5.0 out of 52020-02-11

Harry L.


4.0 out of 52020-02-04

These pellets are ok on the heat but tons of ash.

Dirk D.

Blackstone is a great substitute for cat litter!

5.0 out of 52020-01-04

We buy the Blackstone for our 3 Kittens (Big cats now) liter use. When on sale, the Blackstone are the most economical way to buy cat litter, and a skid lasts quite a while. Blackstone is perfect for their use and please know that it is much cleaner to use these pellets than the expensive liters on the market. Pellets absorbs more, cats don’t lick their paws ingesting litter with dirty clay and no clumping with pellets.

Gerry and Elaine W.

5.0 out of 52019-10-20

Patrick E.

Surprised with the heat output but unhappy with the ash!

4.0 out of 52019-10-30

The cost per ton was too good to pass up though! We purchase this pellet to get us through the end of season.

William S.

We can’t justify the use of these Blackstone any more just to save money!

3.0 out of 52019-10-03

We aren’t getting younger and it’s time to burn pellets we can enjoy! Good food, warm house and security needed at our age!

Vivian and David T.

Surprised by the heat emanating from our pellet stove with the Blackstone Pellets

4.0 out of 52019-09-30

We understood that the ash and fines were higher but in this uncertain economy we can live with that (for now).

Patrick H.


4.0 out of 52019-07-16

David M.

3.0 out of 52019-05-09

Brian B.

Blackstone did not live up to our needs

3.0 out of 52019-04-07

We have a Wood Burning fireplace insert and a pellet stove so do not have any issues with heat when both are going. The Blackstone did not live up to our needs without the fireplace going. We were putting that down to the older and draftier home we have. Our friends say not and gave us a few bags of another hardwood brand they use! Time to look at other reviews and pellets for our next season needs.

Mark Z.

5.0 out of 52019-02-28

Rick A.

High ash, but can't beat the price!

5.0 out of 52019-02-27

Steve T.

Not Bad Pellets for the Price.

5.0 out of 52019-02-27

Mary and Robert H.

Beats the store brands purchased!

5.0 out of 52019-02-25

Barbara J.

Beats the store brands purchased!

5.0 out of 52019-02-12

Greg R.

Beats the store brands purchased!

5.0 out of 52019-02-4

Steve W.

Beats the store brands purchased!

5.0 out of 52019-01-11

Alan P.

Beats the store brands purchased!

5.0 out of 52019-01-9

Fred R.

Customer Reviews: Barefoot & Beautiful Wood Pellets

Size Does Matter!!

5.0 out of 52023-10-10

For 13 Years, I have Always Burned Barefoot. I burn about 6 Tons per season with CT Pellet. Since it is the exact same pellet, just produced in a smaller bag, I decided to try Barefoot & Beautiful. HOLY MOLY! I wish I had tried these sooner. It made bringing them down the steps so much easier for me. My knees and back are loving 23lb bags!

Boris D.

23 Pound Bags make a Difference

5.0 out of 52023-09-22

Barefoot it is!! And yes, they are BEAUTIFUL!! Never have I been so happy to see Premium pellets in small bags that I can actually carry myself! As an elderly individual that lives alone, these bags have allowed me to keep my pellet stove burning. Thanks Barefoot!

Gertrude S.

Love the 23 Pound Bags!!

5.0 out of 52022-01-29

As I age, I was never so glad to see that our Barefoot Wood Pellets now come in a 23 - pound bags! I did not have to lose the excellent quality over ease of use! My trusted Barefoot came through for us as always!

Jessica B.

3.0 out of 52021-01-04

Ashy pellets but I have to use them because no others come in small bags like these.

Adrienne L.

Great Pellets, Love the Smaller Bags!!

5.0 out of 52020-10-23

Love the low ash and it’s a treat not to kill ourselves carrying the heavier 40 pound bags!

Anthony G.

5.0 out of 52020-09-18

Nathan C.

Quality of Barefoot with the convenience of the lighter bags

5.0 out of 52020-07-12

Heat and low ash, a great thing; but now we have the same quality pellets but with the convenience of the lighter bags of Barefoot Wood pellets is PERFECT for users with bad backs!

Matthew A.

Thank you Barefoot!!

4.0 out of 52020-03-11

After my car accident I was afraid that I was going to have to quit burning pellets because I could not handle the 40lb. bags. Then I learned that Barefoot made pellets in a 20 pounder bag and as it turns out the only thing I had to quit was the drinking.


Small bags are nice but the pellet stinks

2.0 out of 52020-03-6

No heat and so much ash I have to shut the stove down every week and clean it where as other brands I can go 2 weeks in beteeen cleanings.

Mario L.

5.0 out of 52020-02-17

Herbert B.

Thrilled with the 23 pound bags!

5.0 out of 52020-01-21

We were always happy that Barefoot wood pellets stayed consistent, high heat and low ash! But now, we could not be more thrilled with the 23 pound bags!

Steve R.

5.0 out of 52019-10-25

What took so long! These lighter bags are just a new must have pellet.

Sharon J.

5.0 out of 52019-10-17

Greg D.

A no brainer!

5.0 out of 52019-10-02

Barefoot Wood Pellets aren’t the least expensive pellets but the high heat, low ash along with the lighter 23 lb bags make these pellets too good not to buy!


5.0 out of 52019-07-05

My husband and I are both 72 and stopped using our pellet stove due to mobility issues. We are now using our pellet stove again made possible with the Barefoot and Beautiful 23 pound bags!

Ester P.

Customer Reviews: Hamer's Hot Ones Wood Pellets

ziHATE Hamers Hot Ones

1.0 out of 52021-08-12

I had a few tons of these when I bought my house and they really turned me off to burning pellets. incredible mess, tons of ash, tons of stone and other impurities. The next batch I ordered was a diff brand and I immediately loved them and saw a clear difference. A few years later I ordered some more pellets and CTPellet.com sent me Hamers Hot Ones instead.
They said they were out of what I ordered and "upgraded me" to these Hamers Hot Ones. I was so mad and I wish I had refused the order because the next 2 years reminded me why I hate these so much. Literally even loose bags of crap pellets I would get in desperation from Agway were better than Hamers Hot Ones. This is the worst pellet in the entire market and I will NEVER burn them again

Travis P.

Hamer's quite good

4.5 out of 52021-06-17

I bought 4 tons of Hamer's last year. They burn well. By Feb though, I needed a thorough cleanout of my Whitefield Advantage stove after burning about 2.5 tons. Usually I can go all season without cleaning until spring. I use the ash on my garden, so it doesn't go to waste.

Betsy G.

Hamer's quite good

4.5 out of 52021-06-17

I bought 4 tons of Hamer's last year. They burn well. By Feb though, I needed a thorough cleanout of my Whitefield Advantage stove after burning about 2.5 tons. Usually I can go all season without cleaning until spring. I use the ash on my garden, so it doesn't go to waste.

Betsy G.

hot but too dirty

3.0 out of 52021-03-26

I was new to pellets this past winter and I tried a lot of different kinds. These were consistently the dirtiest. I had to clean the stove very thoroughly 4 times to get through one skid of these. the better pellets have me cleaning my stove like that only once per skid. these have so much dust in the bag, and they spray this unburned sticky brown powder all over everything in my stove. ash pan filled up too frequently. they did have good heat though.

Christopher C.

Not For Me!!

2.5 out of 52021-02-02

The bags that they are packed in are sturdy which is why I gave them a 2 instead of a 1. Other than that, you can keep this pellet out of my house.

Jared W.

Hamer’s or Bust!

5.0 out of 52020-12-20

Found out about Hamer’s online and found a guy that delivers not too far from me. By far Hamer’s is the best! My p38+ harman loves em. They do burn quicker but with the heat production I’m okay with it. Just cleaned my harman today and pretty clean, found a bag I bought from tractor supply back spring and tried to burn it, total garbage compared to harman, won’t burn anything else from now on!

Ryan T.

5.0 out of 52020-11-29

Sanjay P.

This is our go to pellet!

5.0 out of 52020-11-27

We are so glad that Hamer’s Hot Ones are still around. I know the ash content is not as low as some of the pellets sold, but I am a creature of habit and like to stick with what I know. Thank you for keeping them in the stock for us.

Billie C.

We will, without a doubt, buy them again!

4.0 out of 52020-07-12

Having tried Hamer’s this past winter season we found them to be a higher ash content than we wanted but the heat output is great. Price point is important as well, and we found these pellets work well in our stove.

Heather T.

5.0 out of 52020-07-10

Courtney J.

5.0 out of 52020-07-03

Alana S.

5.0 out of 52020-02-23

Max B.

Nice Heat! Smaller Pellets are Perfect For Our Stove!

5.0 out of 52020-02-12

My stove is an older unit and I have found these Hamer’s Hot Ones work best in our stove. They are a smaller pellet which is perfect for the stove. Nice heat too!

Hector G.

Worst Wood Pellets Ever

1.0 out of 52019-12-30

I have tried all different pellets and in my stove the hammers are by far the worst. They leave big clumps of ash and don’t seem to burn all the way almost like there is a binder or plastic in them. Never again.

Armando R.

5.0 out of 52019-12-23

Stephen R.

The Perfect Pellet For Us!

5.0 out of 52019-12-13

Why would we try something new when there are Hamer’s Hot Ones? They have been around since I began burning pellets 13 years ago. It is great to enjoy the dry heat from pellet burning and the warmth from Hamer’s is perfect for us!

Gary M.

5.0 out of 52019-11-17

Oscar N.

Barefoots are way better!

3.5 out of 52019-10-20

I don’t understand all these positive reviews for this pellet. The ash is out of control in my Whitfield insert.


Hamer’s Hot Ones are hands down, the best priced pellets around!

5.0 out of 52019-10-02

There may be more ash than others but the price is important because I am on a fixed income.

Virginia M.

4.5 out of 52018-06-23

We shopped around for pellets before deciding on Hamer’s Hot Ones some years ago. Some stores pellets were not as consistent as we know Hamer’s to be.

Suzanne and William C.

The warmth is good, so this hardwood pellet is a win for us.

5.0 out of 52018-05-17

Just about everyone we know that burns pellets have tried Hamer’s Hot Ones. They have been on the market since I can remember burning pellets.

Mary M.

I give Hamer’s a 5 star for affordability but 4 stars for performance.

4.0 out of 52018-04-03

When sales begin, we can get good deals buying the Hamer’s Hot Ones, but they are not our favorite. Depending on our budget though we can’t beat the price.

Terry L.

Customer Reviews: Turman Oak Wood Pellets

CT Pellet's Least Bad Feedback Product

4.0 out of 52021-12-28

I've learned from trying various pellets over the years. These are superb hardwood pellets. I was mistaken in believing hardwood pellets would burn longer with the least ash of all pellets. These burned relatively clean and hot, but not nearly as hot and clean as a softwood brand that CT Pellet has never sold -- Vermont Wood Pellet LLC. I love the CT Pellet company, and I hope the owner will consider adding this brand to the stock in upcoming years.

Lyam S.

Inferior glue holding bags

3.0 out of 52021-04-19

Truman pellets are very good, however, for the past two years many of the bags that I had unsealed by themselves and left me with a lot of cleanup. I probably lost a bag and a half because of this. Considering the high price I don’t appreciate losing a bag and a half and having to tape up the ends so they no longer leak. Not to mention all the cleanup time.

Jim C.

The best!

5.0 out of 52021-03-27

A whole bag burned leaves a 1/2 fist full size of ash’s in the burn box.
Just load and let them burn. THE BEST!

Kevin L.

A 5 star pellet for sure!

5.0 out of 52021-02-27

Turman Oak Pellets are the cleanest and hottest burning pellet we have ever used.

Veronica L.

5.0 out of 52021-02-17

Yusef K.

5.0 out of 52021-02-15

Mary G.

We only use Turman!!

5.0 out of 52021-02-09

My husband and I were just tired of burning the lower end pellets. With the high ash content our stove needed constant cleaning and a few expensive repairs as well. We have no more of these issues after learning about and purchasing the Turman Oak Pellets. We love the heat output and there is virtually no ash. We will use no other pellet and have turned a few friends into Turman converts as well!

Deborah M.

Great Pellets, Cheap Bags!

3.0 out of 52020-12-30

Best Pellets I ever had, but only 3 stars because the bags suck. The seems break easily and I makes it very hard to carry without spilling out.

John W.

Turman pellets are the lowest ash pellets available.

5.0 out of 52020-12-28

I have burned Turman pellets for years and I have found them to be the best. Sometimes in the spring when I run out I have to buy loose bags here and there and there is just no comparison.

Robin J.

5.0 out of 52020-12-04

Miller J.

Don't believe the hype!!

3.0 out of 52020-11-05

I don’t know what all the hype is about I tried them and they are nothing great and no big deal except the price is a big deal. Not for me.


Cleanest burning Pellets around!

5.0 out of 52020-10-23

Turman, 100% kiln dried Oak pellets are by far the nicest burning pellet I have used. I am constantly amazed how little I now clean my stove. Every other week just can not be beat!

Austin D.

We trust Turman Pellets!

5.0 out of 52020-10-16

Our neighborhood gets together every year and purchases only TURMAN Oak Pellets. We are six happy families but what makes it even greater, if I need an extra bag until my next delivery, my neighbors have our backs!



5.0 out of 52020-09-28

Tried and true! Everything you have heard about this pellet is an understatement!

Stephen P.

4.0 out of 52020-09-25

Great pellets but I have to say four stars because the price is too much. They should be cheaper but I will still get them until they price themselves out of the market.

Ruben H.

5.0 out of 52020-05-30

Kyle G.

On colder days these pellets keep our family toasty warm!

5.0 out of 52020-05-03

We use less pellets since we began buying Turman Oak Pellets. When we had used other popular name brands, we could easily go through 2 - 2/12 bags a day. We use 1 to 1 ½ bag of Turman. This pellet actually saves us money by using less than others.

Kelly and Bob E.

Everything you read about them is true!

5.0 out of 52020-03-27

I love these pellets. I won’t burn anything else in My Harman Accentra. I have used them for six years nor and they are the best.

Marilyn K.

Best Pellets I Ever Burned!!

5.0 out of 52020-02-12

Fred G.

5.0 out of 52020-01-25

We were looking for an excellent pellet for a few years but when we heard about the Turman 100% Oak Pellets we had to try. We were pleasantly surprised at how well they performed. They are just the hottest and cleanest wood pellet we had ever tried. That was 10 years ago, and we still feel we are buying and burning the best wood pellets on the market.

Ginney S.

5.0 out of 52020-01-22

Alex U.

As advertised!

5.0 out of 52019-12-30

Ash content rating is less than a quarter percent and it only gets better when you feel the comfort of dry, high heat coming from our pellet stove on cold days.

Doug R.

Very pleased with these Pellets!

5.0 out of 52019-12-12

Victor W.

Give us the Turman any-day!

5.0 out of 52019-12-09

We have oil heat at home but barely use! There is just no comparison using Turman Pellets in our stove verses oil.

Thomas & Aanya R.

5.0 out of 52019-11-09

Poncho W.

Turman Oak Pellets are by far ‘Superior’ to any pellet out there!

5.0 out of 52019-09-21

Jacob L.

Too Expensive!!

4.0 out of 52019-06-14

Good pellets but there are plenty of other brands just as good for way less money.

Benji H.

Absolutely the best decision we made!

5.0 out of 52019-03-30

We recently moved into a home with a pellet stove and the previous owners left us the last of their 15 bags of Turman. Of course, that was nice but, like all new stove users we went and purchased the cheapest pellets we could find. We quickly realized no 2 pellets are alike! We researched other brands along with the original brand left here. When learning Turman is the lowest ash hardwood pellet with consistent high heat we knew Turman was the pellet to choose. Thank you Turman!

Grace and Paul B.

5.0 out of 52019-03-29

Luke T.

We Love our Turman Oak Pellets!

5.0 out of 52019-03-28

Ginger T.

Customer Reviews: Northern Warmth Wood Pellets

5.0 out of 52022-11-15

Alan L.

5.0 out of 52022-11-11

Heather R.

5.0 out of 52022-10-12

Peter P.

5.0 out of 52022-10-05

Mark S.

Customer Reviews: Okanagan Platinum Wood Pellets

Didn't expect much, Didn't get much

2.0 out of 52021-11-02

I have a Harmon Absolute 43. I did a comparison with these and Country Boy White Lightnings and these came in 2nd place. Now yes, I understand hardwood vs. softwood but bottom line is less heat and more ash compared to CBWL. The only plus was tougher bags... but better bags doesn't heat the house. Some stoves work better with soft wood such as these, mine doesn't. As with all reviews everyone is subject to their own outside parameters.

Sigmund S.

Bad pellets

1.0 out of 52021-11-06

I still have 46 bags left they smell like wet dog very dirty lots of ashes and very smoky I started using my Termine instead and save these hopefully for later or do something with them

Joseph W.

First softwood burned in stove.

5.0 out of 52021-10-13

I have a small Harmon pellet stove and ran out of Ambience pellets. I tried these in the late winter and ended up burning 15 bags with no jams or noticeable lack of heat from the stove. Since I can't find Ambience this year, I'm going to use these instead and think the heat output will be hotter than the hardwood was.

Greg B.

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